We love our pets.

We believe our lives are better when they are with us, whether running errands around town or going on a family vacation across the country. Because of this, we realize there might be an occasion when we have to leave our furry family member unattended in our car. This can be unsafe. Thatʼs why we developed iMyK9. It lets us keep an «eye on my canine».

What is iMyK9?

Itʼs a baby monitor in your car for your pet.

In more detail, iMyK9 is a cellular camera that allows you to see, hear and talk with your pet while you are away from your vehicle. It provides a constant virtual presence so your pet is never alone! Our mobile app in real-time constantly displays the temperature, humidity and «feels like» temperature in the car. It also notifies you if it gets too hot or too cold.

When you purchase iMyK9, download our free mobile app and start keeping an «eye on my canine».

iMyK9 key features

  • Sensor tag on pet collar:
    activates the camera and
    enables monitoring
  • Camera:
    fish eye lens allow you
    to see how your pet
    is doing
  • Cellular connection:
    camera communicates
    with your smart phone
    via a cellular signal
  • 2 way audio:
    you can hear whatʼs
    going on in your car
    AND talk with your pet
  • «Feels like» temperature:
    iMyK9 app lets you know
    how hot or cold itʼs getting
    inside your vehicle
  • Alarm notifications:
    «feels like» temperature is 85°F or higher;
    «feels like» temperature is 32°F or lower;
    cellular signal is lost;
    loss of signal from pet collar sensor

How does iMyK9 work?

Plug the camera
into your carʼs cigarette lighter.
Open iMyK9 app
on your phone.
Scan the QR code
that came with your camera.
Setup the pet
collar tag.
Start keeping
an «eye on
my canine».

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