The iMyK9 2-Day Challenge

One of our startup mentors has challenged us to get as many people as possible to place a small deposit on the purchase of an iMyK9 Pet Monitor. Our deadline is Tuesday night, October 4th at MIDNIGHT.


Every single dollar counts.

If every person who said, “What a great idea! I TOTALLY GET why iMyK9 is so important.” would secure their spot with a small donation, we believe we will be able to get this product off the ground.

Pre-order iMyK9

The iMyK9 apps are both fully-developed

Yes, we still need to do more testing, but we can’t distribute more units until we get FCC Certification. Before we spend another $10,000 to get the certification and make any needed changes, our mentor challenged us to validate our idea in the marketplace.

Here’s how iMyK9 will now work

The iMyK9 Starter Kit will cost $99, plus users will a small subscription fee for the iMyK9 Camera app – $9.99/mo for an annual plan or $14.99/month with no contract. Once we are in full production, we will ship you the iMyK9 Bluetooth tag, a window decal, user instructions and support guidance of how to install and use the apps.

iMyK9 diagramThere are three parts to the iMyK9 Pet Monitor.

  1. iMyK9 Bluetooth pet tag on dog collar relays the temperature, humidity, and “feels like” temperature to the iMyK9 Camera app when it’s within range (15 feet).
  2. iMyK9 User app– FREE download on your phone (Android and iOS versions available). Can be downloaded and used by multiple users, connecting to the same camera app.
  3. iMyK9 Camera app– PAID subscription you can download onto a second Android-based cellphone (must be version 4.4 or newer).  This converts the phone into the Pet Monitor that is in your car and lets you see your pet when you step away from the car.
    1. The iMyK9 Camera app transmits via WiFi or cellular signal depending on signal availability.
    2.  The data usage goes onto your family cellphone plan. When you use iMyK9 over WIFI (like in a house, RV/campground or hotel), no data is consumed.
    3.  Most cellular carriers today often bargain “last version” Android phones – or you can use/recycle a phone and put it on your plan. This is the easiest and most cost effective way that we can bring iMyK9 to you.  (It is an additional line but you will only use it when watching your pet).
    4.  The iMyK9 Camera app syncs to the iMyK9 Bluetooth sensor and relays the temperature information to the iMyK9 User app. (That way you get to keep YOUR cellphone company and use your own data plan.)

The only difference between this idea and our previous one is that WE don’t have to buy and ship the iMyK9 monitors. You use your own cell phone and your own data plan. So much simpler, and so much better for us all.

See how iMyK9 Pet Monitor works.

Will you put your money where your heart is?

Our mission is to save animal lives. The way we’ve pivoted our go-to-market strategy is better for you and better for us! If you are committed to helping save animals from dying of heatstroke in vehicles, we hope that you will consider a small donation or deposit to help our launch.

Keep in mind these items:

  • NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: Your deposit will be applied toward the purchase of your iMyK9 system. This is a non-refundable donation to support a worthy cause: the launch of a product that can save thousands of pet lives!  Deposit can be ANY amount. Even ONE dollar helps us.
  • MANUFACTURING DATES:  We’ve  projected the delivery within the next 3-6 months. We have a fully functional iMyK9 system but we need your help!  Investors want to see that you are willing to put your money where your heart is and place a deposit for iMyK9.
  • TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: You need two cellular phones (1 must be an Android version 4.4 or higher) and a data plan.

Pre-order iMyK9






imyk9 deposit



iMyK9 Pet Monitor Launch – Take 2


You always hear, “When one door closes, another one opens.” We experienced this first hand with the initial launch of iMyK9.  Our grand plan to launch through Kickstarter didn’t exactly work out, but there is a silver lining.

We’re excited, and think you will be too!

What happened?

Very late in the game, our vendor changed the price of the iMyK9 cellular monitors and the cost of the data plan, which changed our price structure, and therefore the end cost to you. We were caught off guard, and expect many of you were as well.  As a result, the Kickstarter launch plan flopped….



What’s Next!

After licking our wounds for a couple of days, we realized that there was a much simpler way to launch iMyK9.

We could:

  • Use the same technology we’d already built
  • … AND lower the price point
  • … AND get to market faster.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a WIN-WIN-WIN idea?!!!

Rather than shipping a cellular monitor and having to manage data usage, we had the brilliant thought that most cellular carriers today give away phones for almost free. What if instead of shipping and supporting the iMyK9 cellular monitor, we just made the app available through the Google Play store (and later through the iTunes store) for a set monthly price?

Can I get a Hallelujah?


The iMyK9 Pet Monitor Launch – Take 2

In the next week or so, we’ll make pre-orders available on this website right here. Be SURE to sign up for our iMyK9 launch news!

We already have several patents. Our next step is to get FCC certification and to finalize pricing. Assuming all goes smoothly with that process, we believe we’ll still be able to ship iMyK9 by December 2017! WHOO-HOO!

Thank you for your support. We remain as committed as ever to keeping animals safe while travelling!