The atmosphere here at BlogPaws 2017 is amazing. As a first-timer, it’s been wonderful to meet so many people who are such passionate animal lovers. We’ve found our tribe! Thank you for making us feel so welcomed.

Launching iMyK9 “the baby monitor” for pets in cars

The reason we’re here at BlogPaws is to connect with other people and companies who are concerned about pet safety and pet health. Pet bloggers interested in promoting iMyK9 should join our iMyK9 Promotional Partners email list. That’s where we will share the details with you as we approach our August 2017 launch.

iMyK9 is on a mission to save pet lives!

Our animals are more than pets – we consider them furry family members. We want to take them out with us – to kids soccer games, on road trips, and on family vacations. Unfortunately, you can’t always bring them inside with you. And leaving pets unattended in a car or RV isn’t safe.

Leaving dogs alone in a hot car is never safe! But many heat stroke injuries and deaths occur on moderate days. People underestimate how long they’ll be gone and how quickly a car can heat up. The iMyK9 Pet Monitoring System continually monitors the temperature in the car, sending you alerts if conditions become unsafe or if you lose connectivity. You can even set it up to alert 4 friends (police departments may send alerts to dispatch) and your social media circles in an emergency. Our commitment is to keeping your pet safe – but also reducing separation anxiety.

Low bandwidth streaming audio and video allow you to also comfort your pet (and yourself) by keeping in communication.

Stop by BlogPaws 2017 Booth 27

Meet our CEO, founder and inventor of iMyK9 and learn about the opportunities to promote iMyK9, saving animal lives, and making money through pet blogging.