imyk9 pet monitor for travel

Why did we develop the iMyK9 Pet Monitoring System?  Because we know how much people love their animals! Animals are not always welcomed into restaurants and hotels.  Leaving them in the car is sometimes the safest (or only choice) available.

Pet Travel Statistics

We’ve talked to hundreds of police K-9 partners, family pet owners, and show dog enthusiasts, and they pretty much all back up what this report has says:

  • 55% of People purchasing cars took their pet into consideration when choosing a vehicle
  • 51% of Pet parents take pets with them when they travel
  • 68% of U.S. citizens own pets
  • 94% of Dog owners consider their dog to be a family member
  • 74% of Dog owners identified more with the term “pet parent” than “dog owner”
  • 70% of Pet owners are willing to spend extra to ensure wellness of their pet
  • The U.S. pet industry is expected to outgrow the general economy over the next 5 years
  • America’s $50.8 BILLION dollar pet industry is growing

Getting a reliable pet monitoring system for travel will save animal lives, and the anguish of losing a pet.