The Launch of iMyK9 Pet Monitor

iMyK9 is launching on Kickstarter on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. CDT

Approximately 24 hours later, on August 13th, iMyK9 will be featured on TV going out to over 200 Million Households in August and September.

Look for Motorhead Garage, Episode Number 1707

Air Dates/Times (Eastern): 

8/13/2017 – 8:30AM on Velocity

9/15/2017 – 1:30PM & 4:30PM on MAVTV

8/23/2017 – 7PM & 10PM on Rev’n

8/26/2017 – 6:30PM on Rev’n

8/27/2017 – 8PM on Rev’n

Check out iMyK9 on Kickstarter

After lots of deliberation, we decided that the best way to raise funds and awareness about iMyK9 was to launch through Kickstarter. Check out our iMyK9 Launch FAQ Page for more information. That page will be updated regularly as we continue to your field questions. We will post the link to Kickstarter as soon as our project goes live.

New option with the iMyK9 M1 Temp Sensor

If you haven’t looked at our How iMyK9 Works page in a while, we added a new section for the iMyK9 M1 Temp Sensor.  The Temp Sensor is a “light version” of the full iMyK9 Pet Monitor. It’s built using the same technology, but without the video / audio monitoring.  Based on your feedback, we realized that some people are really only concerned about temperature monitoring, and that we could create a lower-priced temp monitoring solution using the technology we’d already developed.

iMyK9 M1 Temp Sensor

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