Warm days are dangerous for pets in cars

People who would NEVER leave their dog in a hot car underestimate how quickly a car can heat up on a relatively cool day.

We continually hear the message,

“Never leave your dog in a hot car!”

or the variation…

“Never leave your dog in car on a hot day”

Never leave your dog in a hot car!

It’s not safe. That’s true.

As the weather gets warmer, check the interior of your vehicle before you leave. Don't leave your pets (or babies) in the car. Temperatures inside the car can ramp up after a few minutes.

Posted by Cristle Jose – Local 11 News on Monday, May 22, 2017

But what about leaving your dog in a car on a warm day?

As the graphic above shows, warm days are dangerous for dogs in cars. Cars heat up more quickly that most people imagine.  On a 70 degree day, in just 10 short minutes, a car can reach almost 90 degrees! The Humane Society and other animal groups continually advise pet owners to NEVER leave a pet alone in a car.

While that’s good advice, it’s not always practical or possible to bring your animals in with you. Sometimes the safest place a dog can be is left in a vehicle.

But not left alone.

That’s why we invented the iMyK9 Pet Monitor. YOU KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CANINE. Your dog is not alone. You are watching. You are connected.

iMyK9 protects dogs in cars

  • Monitors heat and humidity
  • Sends alerts if conditions become unsafe
  • Alerts friends, family (or even police dispatch) if you don’t respond
  • Allows you to calm your animal by talking to them
  • Prevents animals from being stolen from unattended vehicles

Our mission is to prevent animal injuries and deaths.

But we can’t do it alone. We need people to spread the word about iMyK9. We will go into production with our first round of 1000 iMyK9 Pet Monitors this summer. Those first purchasers become VIPs for life – receiving special discounts and promotions. We also need people who are interested in promoting iMyK9. Vets. RVers. Animal parents.

The best way to keep up to date as we approach our August 2017 launch date is to sign up to receive our newsletters. Follow us on social. We need our pack of animal protectors. Help us spread the word that warm days are dangerous for dogs in cars too, and that soon, a viable pet monitoring solution will exist.