Shouldn’t everyone have a pet monitor in their car?

Modern parents can’t imagine raising a baby without a baby monitor. You feel safe knowing you can see your baby at all times, and hear if they cry.

We believe pet monitors for cars should become as common as baby monitors are in homes. We believe iMyK9 is the best pet technology available for remote temperature monitoring and video surveillance.

  • Video – Allows you to see your pet. Some pets don’t bark or make much noise. Video allows you to see their body language. Are they sleeping comfortably? Pacing anxiously? Or scared?
  • Audio – As pet parents, we learn how our pets “talk” to us. You’ll hear them if they suddenly start barking or growling (though you can mute this feature if you want).
  • Temperature sensor – Constantly monitors temp and relays that information to your phone
  • Temperature alarm – will go off if conditions become unsafe or if you lose connectivity
  • See all the great features included in the iMyK9 Pet Monitor.